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The historical bouldering gym in Paris, huge overhangs and beers with friends.

The owner fred was a 100% ready to follow us with the Rock Tour project from the very beggining. Furthermore Fred welcome us for the 18th birthday of the Gym. We’ll be able to try out all the new features from the renovation.

After the podium ritual, we’ll be ready to start the big party with nice music, beers, and friends !

Murmur Pantin

The heat of the wood, a safe haven where you can imagine the conversation of the after race, all the values and legends of the mountain are alive and find here a genuine expression.

Climb to the firt floor, and get an ideal observatory to appreciate the fullness of the route.
Beginners or expert climbers, route climber or boulderer, here at Murmur, everyone finds his way.

Les arts de la grimpe


After many years without welcoming any comps, "Les arts de la grimpe" makes a come back ! Come and discover this great gym thanks to the Rock Tour competitions.


After years of bouldering in the climbing gyms and competitions of France to follow his daughter, Martin was armed with a solid experience to create and build a beautiful bouldering gym.

Here, do not seek routes, the bias is clear : Here, we Boulder! And we boulder a lot : the largest bouldering gym in France and frankly a it’s a great place!


The climbing gym of the forest, Fontainebleau, world epicenter of bouldering and training place of French bouldering team.

Huge potential for both sport climbing and bouldering, and a great team to welcome you.

Volx - Climbing Holds

Volx is a french brand creating climbing hold that has always been crafted for comps. They are pleased to present its new ranges of holds during the Rock Tour’s stages.


The historical manufacturer of climbing walls and climbing holds parteners with the Rock Tour by allowing you to try out its latest collections of volumes and holds.


This swiss brand has become a « must » for international climbing events. Thanks ti our partnership, you’ll be able to test their holds in person.

Digital Climbing

Digital is a French brand with climbing holds of all ranges of all sizes and a wooden range for the specific workout of climbers. You will be able to discover them during the qualifications rounds.


Brand of clothing 100% made for climbers and slackers! Each item is designed to combine comfort when practicing sports, design and quality.

Nograd is a company created by Fred. He is passionate about climbing and makes no compromise on his approach to climbing and on the quality of his products. We share this vision, thus we are partners and would like to promote this beautiful brand.

La Biosarde

A beer that we liked even before tasted it. It is Organic, brewed next of Fontainebleau and it participates in the protection of the forest of Fontainebleau. And, icing on the cake, this beer taste amazing.

Globe Climber

Created in February 2015 in Fontainebleau, this company’s goal is to make you travel aroud. For them, climbing is synonymous with diversity. So it encourages you to get out of your confort zone! Go climbing all over the world, bouldering, sport climbing and even indoor climbing.


This is the Parisian alternative for climbers. Whether it's for buying your gear, resoleing your shoes or renting a crash-pad, 9c + will provide with personalized advice. 5 minutes away from Paris, with a private parking lot reserved for the customers, avoid the stress of the traffic jams and go to 9c +.

A good place that the Rock Tour team advises you;)


The French climbing brand that provides equipment for bouldering and sport climbing partners with the Rock Tour by offering the participants many prizes.

Thanks for their trust.       


The 100% French brand accompanies the Rock Tour by offering during each stage one Crash Pad. Thanks to Patrick for his support.


The brand created by Bleausad mythical climber Jo Montchausé, is the historical mark of Font. Based in Barbizon, Jo and Françoise design 100% products for boulderer.

Au vieux campeur

A company that has always been dedicated to the outdoor world and has been striving since 1941 to bring you the best quality materials to succeed all your challenges.

L'enfance Pétillante

The aim of this association is to support anyone with an illness or disability in the realization of a sports project.

Overcoming challenges, self-surpassing are values that the Rock Tour team share with « L’enfance pétillante » so we decided to support that project.

Throughout our events, actions will be taken to accompany this association.

Mad Rock

The rock climbing shoe brand partners with us. During the stages, you will have the opportunity to try these slippers including the Sharks that wear tons of top athletes


Blozone is the Local artisan of climbing volumes. 2 concepts: rounded angles, and only unique pieces. Come and discover them during the different stages.

Planet Grimpe

This website is run by a climbing enthusiast. For years now, it allows anyone to be aware of the latest news of the climbing world. So it was only natural to work together.


Verti-Call, the first social network to organize trips between climbers! You want to organize climbing trips between buddies. Create an account and meet climbers !


Nom Prénom



Jérome Chaput

Jobs :

  • Big Boss, the general organization it is him !! He is the reference of the organization of these climbing competitions close from Paris with more than 15 competitions to count and more.

Hobby :

  • Brewer of hops, climber (between two visit in the brewery), great chef of the BBQ and good humor.

No kidding :

  • General Organization
  • Entering Results
  • Final Judge
  • Setter

Maël Bonzom

Jobs :

  • Conductor of our setters
  • The star of the team

Hobby :

  • Route climber around the world
  • Competition Champion

No kidding:

  • Experienced Competitors
  • National Setter

Lucas Ménégatti

Jobs :

  • Hunter of images, miss nothing, particularly not the blondes ....
  • Photographer and cameraman
  • Setter

Hobby :

  • Playing with the void on a 2cm wide line, great amateur of hopped drinks ....
  • Collectors of blonde’s pictures ...

No kidding :

  • Climbing instructor and setter
  • Experienced climbers
  • Photographer specialized in climbing. Provider of picture. (NoGrad, Adidas, Fiveten, Globe Climber ...)

Christophe Cazin

Jobs :

  • Creator of movements, he is to climbing what Mozart is to classical music

Expériences :

  • Climbing intructor and National Setter
  • Experienced climber

Alexandre Bothmer

Jobs :

  • Speaker, he handles words like Ronaldo handles the ball ...

Expériences :

  • Speaker for official comps and various climbing Open


You want to become a volunteer ? Contact us.