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Rock Tour EN

Let the guns talk ! 


After a thunderous start in 2015, The Rock Tour comes back even louder !

This year, six bouldering gym team up to offer you a colorful championnship.

It’s a unique opportunity to discover their different atmospheres and personalities :

  • Antrebloc
  • Murmur Pantin
  • Karma
  • Hardbloc
  • Les Arts de la Grimpe
  • Le Palais Fais Le Mur

They have their own universe : style, staff, culture and spaces ! And they can’t wait to welcome you at their own Rock Tour stage.

Each stage offers :

  • Beetween 25 and 30 qualifying boulders,
  • 3 more boulders for the finalists, men & women,
  • Activities,
  • Challenges,
  • Music,
  • Entertainement & show,
  • And most importantly great mood.

Who’s attending ?

Anybody who’s psyched !

Boulders will be set in every levels in such a way that anybody can spend a great session and enjoy !

Apart from the climbing, activities and games will allow you to have fun when your arms won’t work anymore.

The show will be insured by the strongest during the finals. We will cheer, damire, support, love while drinking a Biosarde or two.

What’s to win ?

  • To start, 6 great climbing session,
  • Then, some great moments of sharing and fun,
  • Some dreaming during the finals,
  • Hundreds of prizes
  • For the winners : a prize money of 3600€ with 150€ for the winner of each stages + 900€ for the winner of the global ranking.

To know more and to register, get to the Rock Tour stages pages !